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(BHPH Cash Advance)
Does your dealership need cash, yet you do not want to give up your valuable receivables?
We advance you the next 5 to 6 months worth of payments now. You continue to own the contract and own all of the remaining payments after the advance period. The Automotive Capital Corporation Cash Advance program allows you to focus on selling cars and acquiring inventory by putting your payment streams to work. You select the advance period that fits your situation ideally, and you decide how much working capital you need. We work with you to meet those individual needs.
Other important features of the program include the following:
  • ·You have the ability to swap or exchange contracts (notes) during the cash advance period.
  • You and Automotive Capital Corporation are the lien holders on the title, and you retain all of the original documents.
  • At the end of the advance period (or agreed upon timeframe), you can receive another cash advance, or you can continue to have us collect payments for you for the remainder of the customer's contract.
  • Additionally, you can elect to resume collection of the payments yourself.
  • We are flexible with the cash advance program. If you have already advanced a certain set of notes, and wish to obtain another advance before the completion of your initial advance, we can help!
  • Our Cash Advance program allows you to retain the ownership of your valuable receivables, and obtain upfront cash.
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