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Loan Skips
ACC can turn dead assets into cash, reducing strain on your staff and improving capital ratios. Unlike most in this arena, ACC focuses on collateral recovery rather than collections. This allows us to turn our portfolios quicker and increases our appetite for new purchases.
Time is not our friend on these accounts. With age, the trail gets colder, the vehicles depreciate, and liens are lost. As you know, if you don’t recover a vehicle in the first few weeks after assignment, the odds of recovering that car drop dramatically. After a few months, the odds drop precipitously. Lenders consume more resources (whether internal or outsourced) chasing a declining return. That’s where we come in.

At some point,  your revenue from the sale of the account will exceed the probable returns from recovery of the account.  That point varies by lender and market conditions.  ACC’s primary considerations when pricing a secured portfolio are 1) vehicle wholesale values and 2) age of the charge-offs. Generally we prefer portfolios in the 6 to 24 month range, but with good vehicle values we have purchased accounts aged three years and older.

We offer a nationwide footprint, straightforward contracts, timely bids, and quick funding with the mindset of building lender relationships that last for years

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