Automotive Capital Corporation (ACC) - Company Message

Bankruptcy Accounts:

Performing Loans(Bulk):



Debt Acquisitions

Deficiency Balances:

Loan Skips:

For the safety of your company and our future customers all purchases will require you fill out ACC's confidentiality agreement.


How to upload you performing loans from the Wayne Reeves and Frazier:
Wayne Reeves

  • go to account receivable
  • click#5
  • click#6
  • change 10 to 30 days past due
  • change the dates so that they will incorporate old accounts or new accounts
  • create file in customer name order
  • report the file to excel spreadsheet form
  • save the the file to the desktop
  • miscellaneous tab
  • #8
  • include column headers
  • check mark all boxes under customer and sales. And under vehicle only year, make, model and mileage 
  • report to excel
  • it will save it under "Frazier print"
  • to find the file go to the start menu and look for my comp

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